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This is a difficult problem and an incurable disease is all about life OK.
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2020年10月29日 : On the verge of collapse
絶対さま ありがとうございます
世界中の人々 清まりました!!
明日から今から 超ハイレベル 幸せです

2020October 27, 2016 : Flow

Common to Corona and 5G
Shunsuke Funase
Fuch 80%
Currently, the introduction of the next-generation communication standard "5G" is progressing in various countries around the world. It is touted as leading mankind to a "wonderful future." For an ignorant human being, at first looks like an eye-dabbled utopia.
However, for the man who aimed at it, it is only a dying despair town (dis and peer). Corona and 5G are cars of both wheels - there will be a lot of people who are surprised at the suddenness of this. 5G, which is regarded as the next generation communication standard of dreams, and a new coronavirus that is touted as a mess all over the world.
Corona's true identity is a biological weapon that attacks humanity
The true identity of 5G is an electromagnetic weapon that attacks humans

2020年10月26日 : On the verge of collapse
Aim for President Trump's impeachment trial
Democratic Party of Japan's "Snake" (Yabu Snake)
Toshio Masuda
Fuch 80%
In the United States, the "civil war" has continued since President Trump took office (11/8/2016). It is a battle against the commonly called Estab, which led the United States to military and economic hegemony after the war, or the military-industrial complex and the forces that chose Trump as president.
The appeal against Trump's impeachment is the same as the "re-investigation robbery" aimed at killing Trump at the same time as former Vice President Biden's cover-up of the Ukraine fraud issue. American temperament is cowboy spirit. He hates the DPJ's "dirty method" so much that it is anti-spitting. If there were two cowboys with handguns, they would shoot Pelosi and Biden at the same time.

2020年10月25日 : On the verge of collapse

Care for the elderly full of mistakes
The number of people who are sleepy is five to eight times that of Europe and the United States. It is only a nursing care and medical interest. In the last ten years of my life, I needed nursing care, which I depended on others for. Japan is a hell of a sleep, and Europe and the United States are a paradise for self-reliance. Don't take away the power and heart to live. When you treat an old man, you grow old, and when you spoil it, you become an infant.
In addition, the
2020年10月24日 : Flow
I'm going to ask Shinken.
The typhoon turned upside down and turned U!??
Gyakniminami Mume
Red-billed Duck